Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Aluminium : The Best Suited Material for Building Construction

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In present post, we will broadly discuss the efficacy and suitability of aluminium as a material for construction of residential and commercial buildings.
Good weather resistance is the prime feature of aluminium for its application in electrical power transmission lines and construction of buildings. This property of resistance to environment is only because it forms dense oxide skin which seals the external surface of metal against chemical attacks.
Specific gravity of aluminium is lower at 2.7 as against that of steel at 7.5. Thus  the foundation supports for its stationary column structures are much lighter than steel. Aluminium in building construction can be used for following major components-
  • Building entrance,
  • Reception desk,
  • Trusses,
  • Ceiling,
  • Hand rails,
  • Roof,
  • Column structure,
  • Walkway,
  • Canopy,
  • Door and window,
  • Curtain rail etc.
The specifications, properties and technical features of aluminium clearly reveal that aluminium as well as aluminium alloys are the best suited material for construction of residential and commercial buildings.

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Kunwar Rajendra

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