Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alumina Plants Processing Boehmitic Bauxite by Tube Digestion System

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In continuation to earlier posts, we will outline here the technological features of various Alumina refineries in the World processing boehmitic bauxite adopting Tube digestion technology. It would be prudent to mention that plants processing Diasporic bauxite using Tube digestion system have not been covered here.

These are the plants processing Boehmitic bauxite using Tube digestion technology in the World. It is learnt that initial design and engineering activities were taken up for Ma'aden Alumina refinery by Hatch-Outotec JV but finally Ma'aden has placed the order on Hyundai Engineering & Construction Company South Korea for execution of their Alumina refinery project on EPC basis.  

Because of improved energy efficiency, Tube digestion technology has edge over other digestion technology in the World thus it may be the preferred choice for future Alumina refineries due to lower capex, opex and other added advantages of the system. This is purely the personal opinion of the author without any favor, bias or prejudice rather supplemented by factual information based on in-depth studies and experience acquired on the subject.

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  1. In the Magyaróvár Alumina Refinery (MOTIM), Hungary,having a nominal capacity of about 85 kt/year alumina a tube digester operated between 1982 and 2002 when the refinery was shut down. The design throughput of the tube digester was 120m3/h, it operated at 110 m3/h. The digestion temperature was 240oC.

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