Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Bauxite also Used in Iron & Steel Industries - Why ?

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Do you know that small quantity of Bauxite is used in iron and steel industries? Yes, Bauxite is used as an additive (also called slag adjuster) for meeting following two basic objectives in ferrous metallurgical process of iron and steel industries-
  • Bauxite is primarily used as flux for partial replacement of Fluorspar and making the slag suitable for Blast furnace slag cement,
  • The other objective of Bauxite addition is to control the viscosity of slag so as  to improve its fluidity.
For the stated application, Boehmitic or Diasporic Bauxite is preferred over Gibbsitic Bauxite.

Hope, the facts have been clearly presented. Please put your remarks / suggestions / comments, if any.

Kunwar Rajendra

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