Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hydrates and Calcined Alumina

Hi Friends,

Aluminas and Hydrates are wonderful materials because of their wide range of industrial and general applications in life as well.

All of us use hydrates and aluminas in some form or other. But the process design, engineering  and processing methods including process controls are complicated which I would like to express in simpler form with clarity in expression for easy understanding. 


Kunwar Rajendra


  1. Dear Mr Kunwar,

    It has been nice going through your blog.

    I would love to listen more about the daily usage of Aluminas and Hydrates.

    There is an interesting article on

    Maybe you would like to come up with your views on the same on your blog.

    Keep up the informative blog,

  2. Dear Mr. Alessandra,

    Calcined aluminas and Hydrated aluminas have wide range of applications as listed below;

    - Production of aluminium metal
    - Fillers in tooth pastes, plastics and cables,
    - Carpet backing,
    - Synthetic gem bowls,
    - Antacids,
    - Alums and Zeolites,
    - Spark plugs for two wheelers & generators,
    - High temperature refractories,
    - High tension Electrical insulators,
    Portland Cements etc....

    Rajendra Kunwar