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As such it is difficult to list out all engineering and execution activities, however all out efforts have been made to assimilate major engineering and execution activities containing  information in systematic manner for guiding the young professionals engaged in engineering of Alumina Refinery Project as outlined here under-

A.      Pre-Project Activities

1.       Finalization of Product mix
2.       Quality specifications of products
3.       Preparation of Conceptual Report
4.       Technological testing of bauxite
5.       Site selection and land acquisition
6.       Identification of available infrastructure like roads, rails, rivers and port facilities
7.       Estimation of Raw material consumption factors
8.       Estimation of utilities requirement like steam, power, chilled water &compressed air
9.       List of major equipment with broad specifications
10.   Estimation of Capex and Opex
11.   Development of Plot plan
12.   Preparation of Feasibility Report
13.   EIA / EMP Report
14.   Statutory clearances for site
15.   Receipt of Consent to Establish (CTE)

B.      Basic Engineering

1.       Process Design Basis
2.       Fixing the process & operating parameters
3.       Material flow balance
4.       Thermal energy balance
5.       Water Balance
6.       Caustic Balance
7.       Alumina Balance
8.       Condensate balance
9.       Development of  Overall Process Flow Diagram
10.   PFDs for All Units
11.   P&IDs for All Units
12.   Broad specifications of major technological equipment
                                                  i.      Primary & secondary crusher
                                                ii.      Conveyors
                                               iii.      Vibro-pulse screens
                                              iv.      Ball mills
                                                v.      Slurry pumps
                                              vi.      Heat Exchangers
                                             vii.      Autoclaves / Digesters
                                           viii.      Flash Tanks
                                              ix.      Evaporators
                                                x.      PHEs
                                              xi.      Boilers
                                             xii.      Compressors
                                           xiii.      Cooling Towers
                                           xiv.      Rotary Disc Filters
                                            xv.      Rotary Drum Filters
                                           xvi.      Calciners
13.   List of major equipment with motor ratings
14.   Specifications of other process equipment
15.   Instrumentation and control philosophy
16.   List of cranes and hoists
17.   Sizing of heat exchangers
18.   Sizing of Desilicators
19.   Sizing of Liquor decanters & washers
20.   Sizing of Precipitators
21.   Sizing of condensate & other liquid storages tanks
22.   Specifications for liquor and water pumps
23.   Sizing of pipelines
24.   Sizing of valves
25.    Acid cleaning system for heat exchangers
26.   Chemical cleaning system for precipitators

C.      Detailed engineering

1.       Preparation of tender documents
2.       Development of General layout of the plant
3.       Preparation of shop layout
4.       Assistance in evaluation of offers
5.       Assistance in inspection of equipment
6.       Assistance in procurement of plant & equipment
7.       SLD for Power Control Centre (PCC)
8.       SLDs for Motor Control Centre (MCC)
9.       Design of Digesters
10.   Design of Flash tanks
11.   Design drawings for tanks and vessels
12.   Inspection and expediting activities
13.   Drawings for process & utility piping network
14.   Design drawings for Civil & Structural Buildings
15.   Foundation drawings for all equipment & facilities
16.   Certification of bills payable to contractors and suppliers

D.      Construction activities

1.       Preparation of schedule of activities
2.       Planning for materials, machines and manpower
3.       Planning of construction activities
4.       Appointment of Competent Contractors
5.       Supervision of construction at site
6.       Cost & quality control during erection

E.       Assistance in Testing & Commissioning

1.       Checking Mechanical completion
2.       Cold trial run
3.       Hot trial run
4.       Commissioning of equipment
5.       Plant commissioning procedure
6.       Performance guarantee test

F.       Stabilization of plant

1.       Finalization of  process and operating parameters
2.       Guiding the team for steady plant operation

G.     Quality control methodology

H.     Safety and Environmental Management & Control Techniques

I.        Preparation of As-Built Drawings.

Hope, you will realize the extent of efforts put by our team in preparing such exhaustive list of information. The above list clearly indicates the volume of work associated in engineering and execution activities involved in putting up any Alumina Refinery in any geographical location across the globe. Our team will welcome your feedback and suggestions in further improvement. Please feel free to contact us for clarifications, if any.
Best regards.

Rajendra Kunwar

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