Friday, March 22, 2019

Grand Success of Our Book on "Alumina Technology - Process Design & Engineering"

Hi Friends,

We have pleasure to put on record the grand success of our unique book on Alumina Technology. Content of the book has been appreciated by Consultants, Process Experts, Engineering Experts, Equipment Suppliers and Plant Operating Professionals across the book. We express our sincere thanks to all concerned.

This is a unique book as it contains insights of Alumina Technology and gives detailed coverage on following major aspects:

  • Technical data, information & calculations useful for process design engineers,
  • Characterization and detailed specifications of basic input materials,
  • Major parameters for process control, process development & product development,
  • Production, consumption and forecast data for products across the globe for taking strategic decisions,
  • Method to optimize techno-economically viable plant with provision for expansion,
  • Basic parameters for selection of suitable project site for new plant,
  • Required statutory clearances for setting up new plant,
  • Specifications of different grades of bauxite, hydrate, calcined alumina & chemicals,
  • Applications and production process routes for standard and specialty grades of bauxite, hydrate, calcined alumina and value added chemicals,
  • Methodology to develop PFD, P&ID, general layout of plant & shop layout of units, 
  • Working out volume of work / bill of materials for new project,
  • Methodology for estimation of capital cost, production cost and pay back period,
  • Arriving at consumption factors for all input materials,
  • Procedure for working out requirements of water, steam and other utilities,
  • Sizing calculations for tailor made equipment and facilities,
  • Systematic approach for sizing of pipelines and valves,
  • Techniques for selection of critical equipment & appropriate material of construction,
  • Reference guide for Entrepreneurs and strategic planners of respective fields,
  • Planning & scheduling for execution of new plant,
  • Detailed systematic planning for successful commissioning,
  • Wide coverage on safety, occupational health and environmental protection,
  • Technical input data for research and development and
  • Many more topics of interest which have not been published so far.
This book will be the outcome of life time experience of a group of professionals located in different parts of the globe who have designed, executed, commissioned and successfully operated many such plants in the World.The 1st edition of the book was published 2018. The book is available at and
Best regards.

Rajendra Kunwar


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