Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Complete Guide to Alumina Technology - Process Design and Engineering

Hi Friends, 

We have pleasure to inform you that approval from concerned authority of Government of India was received yesterday for publication of my book "A Complete Guide to Alumina Technology." Soon after approval, the process of publication has been initiated by the publishing house.

Given below please find the pictorial view of the book which will be available at and from 8th June 2018 onward.

This book is the exposition for engineers involved in preparing basic engineering, carrying out detailed engineering and developing various process design calculations for Alumina refinery. It provides systematic approach, required technical data and methodology for process design & engineering in execution of Alumina refinery projects. It provides systematic approach, methodology and calculations pertaining to material & energy balance, sizing of critical technological equipment & pipelines, estimation of utility requirements, arriving consumption factors of input materials, determining mining cost of bauxite, working out manufacture cost of calcined alumina and estimation of capital cost of Alumina projects. 

This book will be proved as a reference guide for strategic planners, engineering consultants and entrepreneurs as it elaborates methodology for pre-investment studies as well as project engineering techniques with focus on specific capital investment, profitability and other associated techno-economic aspects of the project. This book covers key technical data and information with regard to composition of major input materials and products including data sheets and specifications of equipment. It gives the glimpse of quality specifications, applications and production process routes for specialty grades of hydrate, alumina, by-products and value-added alumina chemicals. This book also provides, tips, tricks and techniques in carrying out engineering activities efficiently thereby optimizing the capex and opex of Alumina refinery. 
Best regards.

Rajendra Kunwar


  1. Dear Sir,

    Hearty Congratulations to you.
    I am awaiting for this book.

    Thank you.
    Ravi Kumar Lingam.

  2. Dear Mr. Ravi Kumar,
    The final manuscript of the book has already been sent for printing and publication. It will be available on shortly. The exact date of its availability will be brought on this blog immediately.

    Kunwar Rajendra

  3. Hi Ravi Kumar,
    The book has been published and has been well appreciated by its readers. athe book is available at and