Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Design Calculations for Chemical Cleaning Heat Exchangers for Alumina Refinery

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Hard scale formation in Red and White areas of Alumina Refinery causes interruptions in plant operations badly affecting the production, productivity and efficiency of the plant. Manual cleaning of these scale is time taking which causes huge loss time for the plant. Adoption of chemical cleaning system attributes in faster cleaning process by dissolving hydrates in hot caustic soda forming Sodium aluminate.

In present post, we will discuss the detailed sample calculations for design of heat exchangers used in white area of Alumina refinery for cleaning of vessels, equipment and process lines. In some Alumina refineries, these heat exchangers are also known as Caustic cleaning heat exchangers. Here, we have taken certain assumed input figures required for a typical Alumina refinery for explanation purposes. Please follow these engineering calculations for the plant of any capacity of your choice. You will find these calculations unique blended with simplified methodology for carrying out equipment design calculations accurately. Step by step derivations and used formula have also been presented here as guideline and reference for easy understanding-

You will appreciate the efforts put by our team in developing such complicated design calculations in simplified manner. You will find it as an asset in your knowledge bank as such unique derivations are not available in any published literature. In case, you find similar derivations any where please let me know for my reference.

Please put your views / suggestions / remarks / comments, if any, for further improvements in methodology and method of presentation as well for easy understanding by our young generation. In case of any doubt, please feel free to contact us at

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