Monday, December 5, 2011

Heartiest Congratulations for the New Record of 29,000 Viewers

Hi Friends,

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for associating yourself with our technical blog in achieving this new height of success in short span of time. I am delighted to express my sincere thanks to all of you for your cooperation and supports on every steps of our journey in stepping beyond  the prestigious record of 29,000 viewers. So far, our journey had been joyous and adventurous as well particularly in maintaining the quality standard set since start of this technical blog. Till date, we have published over 235 technical articles on this blog and will continue to add variety of new technical articles full of technical data, information and calculations in days and years to come. We are confident to honor our commitments with our valued viewers.

You must have observed and realized that each and every member of our team has made concerted efforts in improving the quality of articles in all respect. We have published many unique articles which have been developed by our team and well appreciated by our learned viewers. Many of our viewers have expressed on several occasions that such technical documents / articles / papers on such a very specialized topics are rarely available in any published literature other than this particular platform. It is an honor to our team. We are thankful for your appreciation.

On continual basis, our team will put efforts in presenting articles with enriched data, information and calculations pertaining to project and equipment engineering in particular. We will welcome and appreciate your valuable remarks / comments on published articles for further improvements. As a routine, we keep on updating our old articles with modified and latest information. Hence, you are advised to keep a track of updated old articles also. You may find something better than what you have experienced earlier. In case, you have paucity of time because of your busy schedule, just run through the articles, I am sure, you will love the article and will enjoy the content as well. Never ignore the presented articles as we have put lot of efforts for sharing these data, information and calculations with you only.

Please put your valued suggestions / remarks / comments, if any. 

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Kunwar Rajendra

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