Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now it's time for your valued feed back

Hi Friends,

Our technical blog has reached to a new height of success because of its uniqueness, quality of materials and our deep interest in freely exchanging our views. Till date, we have nicely covered the basics and fundamentals of technical aspects involved in production process routes, quality specifications and to some extent technological and engineering issues. The time for general technical information are over and now we have to submerge ourselves more deeper into the subject.

We all know that the topic of our technical blog has vast coverage area with tremendous scope in future. We will continue to put our concerted efforts to discuss all issues pertaining to process, design, engineering, execution and all other issues irrespective of easy or complicated. We will give due importance to safety, health and environment  aspects.

Our coverage has unlimited fields of activities and thus endless horizon. We are always on the move to publish the technical documents with higher level of technical features aiming to resolve even the complex technical problems in future. At present juncture, if you have any suggestion or preference for publication of articles with coverage of particular areas / issues, please feel free and communicate us through this blog to take up on priority.

As such we are also working out the sequence and priority for publication of various articles in the interest of learned viewers / readers of our blog. Hope, we will continue to get your support and suggestions for further improvements. We always take the lessons from the past as the guideline to execute the project successfully in present so as to set a new standard for the time to come.

We are awaiting for your valued feed back for prioritizing the articles for publication. 

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Thanks and regards.

Kunwar Rajendra

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