Thursday, February 24, 2011

Authentic & Reliable Source of Information

Hi Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure when I observe that thousands of my friends are enjoying the content of the technical papers published by me on my blog. It's true that most of the data, information and calculations have been structured and developed by me as the outcome of my intensive design, engineering and operational experience of many Alumina refineries of the World. I always put concerted efforts to present my technical documents with clarity in explanation for easy understanding.

Your continual support encourages me to do something better than the best. You must have observed that my publications are based on the foundation of practical approach supplemented by strong theoretical back ups. You have also experienced that such publications with facts and figures are rarely available with systematic and concise manner. I fully agree that I have also not published many crucial and important figures because of my own limitations to publish on the web. However, It is my burning desire to bring out majority of the hidden  facts and figures on your figure tips and share your views and remarks in the interest of mutual benefits.

My blog is unique in many respect and thus it's followers / readers are also unique. In future posts, I am planning to bring out many unique papers related to the field. In case, you wish to have focus on any particular technical issue, please bring to our notice so that we can plan the publication on the desired topic accordingly in the forthcoming posts.

I would like to mention here that your interest on my blog has created a new horizon for me and has brought me to a new height of success in the field. I never imagined that my blog, that too on the purely specific technical subject, will be so popular among the friends of Bauxite-alumina and aluminium fraternity. My blog is the gist of my own experience and expertise, thus all publications on this blog are the reliable and authentic source of information derived from  the practical experience / observations in the field with back up of latest engineering practices.

I trust to get your continued support with your valued comments and remarks.


Kunwar Rajendra        


  1. Thanks and God bless you with more success!

  2. Dear Mr. Siddiq,

    Thanks a lot for your blessings for my success in future. In fact, now I am at the fag end of my career and it is my desire that youngsters should not face hurdles in life like me rather may God grow them much faster by adding the reward which the God might have kept for me.

    I am highly impressed by your magic words. I will appreciate, if you could make me available your credentials just for my reference.

    Kind regards.

    Kunwar Rajendra